Conference Aims and Objectives

The advent and development of chemical industry has been one of the main factors of civilization progress. In 21st c. chemical industry is deeply involved with many sectors of the economy. Social pushback against its further development has been mounting over several decades. At the same time, customer demand for chemical industry products is growing. Therefore, it is essential to develop low-waste technologies and how to process chemical and agricultural waste into commercially useful products. It would be helpful to make these topics viral in all available media. We must make our best to try reverse the social backlash against chemical industry and its development. We think that trying to take away the stigma of chemical industry being the main pollutant should be the concern of everyone involved in chemical technology research and in decision-making bodies planning its future. It is only through the maximum involvement of the state, industry and scientific research community that we can meet the national emission reduction targets imposed by the international bodies. It would be unreasonable to expect people not to take advantage of modern technology benefits. Progress will be possible only if green, clean technologies are developed and when we learn to process waste generated in the past by irresponsible investors. 11th Conference on “Wasteless Technologies and Waste Management in Industry and Agriculture” provides a platform to present Polish research findings in the topical areas. For over 30 years, the conferences has been organised by Instytut Technologii Chemicznej Nieorganicznej i Inżynierii Środowiska ZUT and the current Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne Police S.A.

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